Anti-glare lenses are lenses that have an anti-reflective coating on them to reduce glare and improve clarity while wearing them. New anti-glare technology also means that this coating is integrated into a core part of the lenses through a detailed heating process, so you won’t experience the peeling that used to occur with anti-glare lenses of the past.

Benefits of anti-glare lenses include:

  • Increased clarity due to increased amount of light which can pass through instead of being reflected off
  • Reduced blue-light exposure which can cause eye strain
  • Protects eyes from UV rays
  • Extended lens life due to protection from scratches and smudges
  • Enhanced appearance due to reduced glare on glasses, which allows people to see your eyes rather than your lenses

No matter when you use your glasses the most – driving, using the computer or phone, reading, or watching television – you can benefit from increased clarity. If you have questions about anti-glare lenses or would like to schedule an eye exam, please call us at (715) 386-8401.