Office lenses, also known as workspace progressives, are specialized lenses made to fit your specific needs for near and mid-range situations, such as office work. Traditional progressives typically have near and far areas within a lens to aid in reading and distance vision. With office lenses, however, the amount of each space can be customized for you based on what you primarily do while wearing your glasses.

For those who spend much of the day reading or looking at a computer screen, the more substantial portion of the lens is for viewing things within 3 feet, and a smaller part is for intermediate viewing up to approximately 14 feet. If you spend some time on the computer, but find yourself in meetings or needing to see things across the room frequently, mid-range lenses would be more appropriate as they have a larger area for mid-range viewing and a smaller area for up-close tasks like reading. Traditional progressives, on the other hand, can have three zones – one large area for distances greater than 20 feet, a small area for mid-range viewing, and a moderate area for reading and computer work.

Although these are called office lenses or workspace lenses, anyone who uses progressives can benefit from a more custom approach depending on their daily activities. If you have questions about office lenses or would like to schedule an eye exam, call Hudson Optical at (715) 386-8401!