Polarized lenses provide anti-glare functionality to sunglasses through the use of a special chemical that filters light. You may have noticed that some sunglasses do little more than darken what you’re looking at, while it remains difficult to see due to objects that are reflecting light. Polarization fixes this problem because the applied chemical molecules are lined up in such a way that they block some of the incoming light while allowing other light to pass through the vertical “openings.” This means that the light reflecting off shiny horizontal surfaces like bodies of water or car hoods, for example, is blocked.

Polarized sunglass lenses do have their limitations, however. They are not ideal when viewing LCD screens, such as those on televisions, vehicle dashboards, phones, or ATMs. Because light needs to penetrate the lenses both vertically and horizontally for LCD screens to be seen properly, polarized lenses will make it difficult to see what is on those screens.

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